Our 6 weeks basic beginners course is completed. Congratulations to everyone. Including my students who selflessly assisted, and helped our graduates to a better understanding of Budo Taijutsu. Job well done!

When I started the 6 weeks course, I had no idea, what it was going to be like at the completion of our amazing course. In fact, the course was full of energy, fun and great participation from all (including my regular students – who attended).

I learned some really profound insights about instructing, and general movement. This course helped me to explore further about my interpretation and understanding of budo taijutsu. I’m not interested in reinventing the wheel, nor confining myself to the (so-call) wheel.

The course material was not hard, nor strict. My job was simply to pass on the information. Help the beginners establish a foundation. Never did I insists  to my trainees that there was one way. It was great to see how each one differ in psychology, and body mechanics.

My approach to training, though holistic – yet practical. So many practitioners of Budo opt for the more traditional approach. The mechanics of the more traditional type seems to be going in another direction. The techniques are effective with cooperative opponents. One has to train many years to establish a natural movement. Till a point where technical applications can be abandon for a more subtile and smoother movement (like Hatsumi sensei, and many shihan). I believe the assumption is to study only from this traditional stand point before one can move freely and without tension. Nothing is further from the truth.

Let me make it clear. There is nothing wrong, in my opinion with the traditional approach. There are many ways and lessons to develop skill. So in essence, there’s not ONE way.

I’ve chose to explore further out from my comfort zone. Though not an easy decision, let alone action. Life is about making decision, and changes in ones life to better themselves, and hopefully contribute something to life, and mankind. Life is a big playground.

In my school, a member needs more then just showing up with their monthly tuition. Even then, the member is not considered a student at such time. The person to be has to first admit in their heart, then behave in such a way where it mirrors their commitment. Until such, there is no real purpose.

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