Bujinkan Ninjutsu Beginners Course – Budapest 2015

Bujinkan Ninjutsu Beginners Course – Budapest 2015

Dear Members, Friends and Visitors,

I’m happy to update, and update our readers the first basic beginners course in Budapest, Hungary 2015. The course is schedule for 6 classes, and possibly will hold an additional class (last one), entirely on the topic of self defense.

Though our mission at Koteki Dojo Hungary, primarily is not about the fighting system of budo taijutsu. More so how to access the principles of health and movement, thus live in harmony with oneself and others. Martial arts could be interpreted as a system/s for fighting. In general, yes. Over the years, I have taken a different approach. A holistic one with regards to movement and health. In todays society, its not important to build machines (per say), fighters. Rather encourage and lead people to the doorway of their potential. Give them the choice to go through, and explore for themselves their potential, desires and weaknesses. Teach how to accept imperfections, and strive deeper for comprehensible understanding of oneself. This I believe will lead individuals to become good martial artist.

The Bujinkan is an umbrella of nine traditional martial art schools. A compilation for the creation of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Firstly, I adhere to the guidelines, and tenets of budo taijutsu – as taught and represented by Masaaki Hatsumi. In my classes, first and foremost, I instruct on the fundamentals of Budo Taisabaki in a way that is natural for anyone to adapt, and make the movement their own.

We’ve concluded the second class of 6. Everyone is focused and trying to grasp an understanding. Its quite normal. There were instances during the two classes, where each student’s body expressed it’s own interpretation, in spite of the conscious mind’s influence. I spoke briefly about the conscious minds – critical factor. The part of the mind that judges based on an external stimuli. Not necessarily has to be external, could be internal as well. The point was to demonstrate how the critical factor can cause an automatic programmed move, reaction, or command.

Critical faculty of the mind is that part which passes judgement. It distinguishes between the concepts of hot and cold, sweet and sour, open and close, large and small, day and night, etc.

Why when learning a new / technique, the general practitioner has to analyze, and try to emulate what he / or she saw before establishing a belief as to the content. In some case, the latter is not needed. If the instructor is high graded, and well noted by the head of his, or her organization, then not much authority is needed to help the practitioner to form a belief immediately, without having to examine anything for validity purposes.

Example – If a practitioner goes to Japan and take pictures with Masaaki Hatsumi, and announces his or her promotion automatically has established creditability. Therefore when demonstrating a technique to the pupil, doesn’t take long for the pupil to accept the technique whether they have personally experienced the technique or not, then will accept it as truth. The critical factor often is bypassed this way. That’s all for the critical factor and its partial explanation.

The beginners course specifically is tailored to each individual needs of our students. There are three aspects of interest. One is the health (state), body, and psyche. The fighting system of budo taijutsu is the link to the holistic approach.

Junan Taiso – The workout of the ninja for flexibility, mobility and strength. Some consider it to be the yoga version. The stretching is done at the beginning of class to warm up, and loosen up the joints, and tendons. Jumping rope is also a good warm-up, while the plyometrics exercises offers many benefits. A bench can be used for plyometrics as well. Free movement from the ground with some acrobats, dancing, and basic gymnastics is part of our beginner introduction.

The deal is to integrate, and improvise. The rest will take care of itself. Before such natural movement can take effect, as for budo taijutsu. It’s imperative to familiarize oneself with some basic applications, and principles before the body and mind can accept what it suppose to do, in terms of movement.

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