Hey everyone! It’s been a while since blogged. I have been developing programs that would eventually balance out my life’s purpose with training, studying and teaching. Anyway, here is an article below that is as relevant as it was written back in 1998 by Richard Ray. I just wanted to write about something that I feel is a bit of a problem in the Bujinkan today. That is, lack of identity. I wonder how many people really know what the Bujinkan is… I do know that many people have had their opinions shaped by the influence of the Genbukan, and that many of those same people look to the Genbukan to get what they think is Bujinkan Information, that is

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Terror – 1. Intense, overpowering fear (The Free Dictionary).  The duality of terror though the word seems harsh and callous. Unfortunately terror exists in our culture as others. The one or group who acts in terror and hurt people are driven by their beliefs and actions. Although they commit these horrible acts of terror, they too are full of fear. Those who terrorizes people, places and society, mentally are incapable of relating to compassion and disregards humanity and life. Their actions are not on the same plane as those who labor and lives to improve the quality of life and evolution. I believe our purpose for humanity is to sustain all life and our planet. There are many ways terror exists in

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Beginner Runner

Hey everyone! Beginner runner is exactly what the title says. Yes, I ran back in 2002 for a few years. One rule of thumb never stop running. Even if traveling abroad. Make it a priority. Now it’s 2017 and I feel again like a beginner runner. It’s been a few days and I am taking it easy by running half miles in increments. Breathing is so important for beginner runners. The last few runs has been difficult and feels like my lungs are on fire. I focus on three things. Back straight, bent knees and slow breathing. Right now I am running shorter runs till my breathing minimizes the feeling I get in my lungs as if there burning. Other than

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fear Factor


Editor’s Pick – What is Fear and How to Deal with this Debilitating Mechanism. If fear seems to trip you up often. Maybe its time to learn more about fear. This is where I’d usually pitch my self defense classes. I rather blog about it. Fear is an evolutionary program by nature. It’s purpose and function is to alert you of danger, secondly, prepare the mind and body for FIGHT or FLIGHT. Contrary to what has been taught about the fear program, fear as we know it impedes our abilities when activated. Worse is when caught off guard and the freeze response is primary. Fight, Flight, and Freeze are grouped from the sympathetic mode that controls the body’s responses to a

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Training for Life & Success

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset for self defense? Having a entrepreneurial mindset in regards to studying self defense. When something comes at you, you don’t just push back against it. You can see everything that comes at you as an opportunity. Faced with a challenge, you ask, ’how can I leverage this? How can I flow with this? Where is the opportunity in this?’ Natural ability requires a lot of time and dedication to what you believe what it will take to get you to your goal. To develop competence, it’s not about constantly looking for new things. It’s about developing a deeper level of understanding of insight, of the things you already know and do. People often think

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One word

Aggressive Fighting

Hi everyone! Happy New Year 2017! I sure hope everyone had amazing holiday season filled with laughter, love and warm memories with family. Now it’s time to get busy. Now in the 2nd week of Jan 2017 no excuses but hard work and increasing income and most importantly your skills, whether it be self defense training, sports, mma, work, sales, etc. The point is to set your goal and get with it! I have been working more than training the last year or so. Have to admit I miss the 4 to 5 days of training weekly. The advantage is dedicating more time into working and increasing my income. It doesn’t mean making a lot of money but conditioning the

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Hey everyone! I’d like to apologize for a lack of consistency with regards to updating our blog. Presently I’m responsible for managing the entire affairs of Koteki Dojo International. Not easy to say the lest. I’ve since revised the youtube channel. There is a combination of content; Budo taijutsu and Systema (Russian martial art) uploaded. The two arts has a profound similarity of principles. Why I have incorporated the two into my life and movement. I’m a firm believer the ninja was not only skilled in the Japanese arts but other influences as well. There were a period when a few instructors in New York would collaborated. Also I believe NY – that is the city had the most dojos

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FB Photo


Hi all, It’s way to long. I’ve been over at Koteki Dojo’s sister site – The Stealth Method.  So much going on these days. What you get here, you can get there. So in essence you really don’t miss anything, but that what you miss… Life is about adapting and going with change and flow. It’s import to continuously empower yourself. Presently I’m working on two specific programs. One of them is a Women’s tactical self defense bootcamp…. I call it BootCampX which is a compilation of a few disciplines and self help protocols. So in other words, you take part in our 10 class program, you get to learn and develop numerous skill sets of tools to be successful in

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Greetings to all, It’s been to0 long since my last blog update. I sincerely apologize. Though my previous blog from 2004 – 2009 my entries were much more regularly than now. Unfortunately I haven’t been back to Japan since 2012. My last promotion actually. Never would I have thought that I would receive a menkyo (license) Judan (10th dan). My heart will always be grateful to Masaaki Hatsumi. His unyielding patience with many of us westerners is / had been unparalleled. Since 2012 so much has happen and so many experiences. I’m still practicing budo taijutsu. However prior before my last trip to Japan, I moved to Hungary, while being married. The last four years has been filled with opportunities

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Insight of a Warrior

Greetings Buyu, My intention is to share an insight with you all I wrote a number of years back during a trip to Japan. It’s a good read. Perhaps a lesson to be learnt! Up until yesterday, before visiting Japan, I had a belief that was not mines originally but of a greater awareness. This awareness came to me recently. The study of budo taijutsu entails more then the average system of martial arts. Although budo taijutsu by definition is a martial art. Each and every one of us makes decisions based on our individual needs. These needs are manifestations of unconscious awareness. Cultivating the components (body, mind & spirit) is essential to nature. Sometimes I wonder if I was

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