Kinesthetics Of Movement – Budapest 2015

Kinesthetics Of Movement – Budapest 2015

It is translated that students with kinesthetic movement are discovery learners. Realization of doing then relying on technique alone.

“What I want you to do is just take it as it is. Don’t think too much. If you get involved with thinking about it, the whole thing gets lost or loses its purity. Don’t think during practice – DO! The more you think, the further from the truth of budo you get: Budo is NOT an academic subject!”

Masaaki Hatsumi –


Traditional & Modern martial arts present are not easy. Takes many years of serious practice to develop the sensitivity to move beyond technique. Hatsumi sensei has been saying the same thing for a long time. Unfortunately, there are many who strictly believe in the old fashion way of studying traditional budo. The ancient, now deceased masters trained differently then practitioners of present. There was the feudal times in Japan. Warriors were born and brought up and trained in the tradition of their families linages. A peculiar psyche and training was essential. More is needed than a mere set of skill sets. Though skill sets ought not be dismissed in what I’m saying. Here is an example which comes to mind….. Imagine a baked cake. The outside apparently is cook outside based on what it looks like… Yet, the inside is milky and obvious not baked properly. Now, what is your first thought? Mines would be, perhaps the oven was set at a high temp. Which is often the case. This is the same in this case with martial arts in my opinion. If the internal condition or state of the practitioner isn’t balanced, and they have remarkable set of skills, it means little. First let me clear something up. When I use the word “balance” – I’m referring to their psyche – overall state. A man or women can have extraordinary martial skills, yet an uneasy psyche. Shit will hit the fan eventually in their life, especially if their jobs are in law enforcement, military or some form of security where the probability of using their skills are high.

So what am I saying?

The psyche – besides the brain is like the CPU. If the psyche is off, due to emotional strain, fear, tension, or the like. It would cause the nervous system, digestive system and blood pressure to over work and possible shut down. The autonomic nervous system – flight or fight (sympathetic), and rest and relax (parasympathetic) are responsible for some major functioning of the body. A possible solution is to work out the psyche, and the body. Work out the psyche – via the body. Stressing the body – work loading it with general exercises most martial artist practice. Helping the practitioner to recognize their weaknesses, and tension through various striking drills. This will bring up fear, tension and freezing (sympathetic nervous system). working through these drills, and exercises helps strengthens the psyche. Not to mention the body.

Koteki Dojo Hungary emphasizes, and teaches this approach. The hardest aspect of training with us, is the transition from one schools approach to the one mentioned above. New people normally don’t differentiate, unless there coming from a different style then budo taijutsu. Since relocating to Hungary. I have seen, and trained with various groups (schools), and instructors whom focuses more on copying their teachers, or worst, studying the basics (preparation for examination) without the internal makeup discussed earlier. The psyched and body is not stressed enough to distinguish “training” from actually “moving”.  It’s important to spend as much time working on the internal state, as one would the body aimlessly.

Don’t praise your teacher. Strife not to move better either. Work hard to develop an awareness, and cultivate your style into an individualized movement. Masters know they are forever students, consistently peeling layers of their onion.


I’m planning a Close Quarter Fight Seminar in NYC. Some of the idea, and topics from this blog, will be introduced and taught. I can be reached at:

If your in Budapest, and wish to check our school out, please don’t hesitate to email me as well. Though I have a separate email for budo taijutsu training.

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