Koteki Ryuda – Keiko Budapest

Koteki Ryuda – Keiko Budapest

Koteki Ryuda – Juppo Sessho Keiko Budapest

Training (Wednesday Feb 18th),  was a helluva evening. Can’t tell you how good it is to see our members evolve. When I first moved to Budapest, and agreed to open a school. I was cynical. Then a few people I met were sincerely kind, generous, and helpful. Though the mindset from what I have experience with some former members, have prove one thing. The way society is in Hungary, coming from a communist era. Most people who’ve lived through that difficult period. Has passed on to their children, many of the traits of fear, economic insecurity, and political hitchhikers. The system has failed to empower its people to be all they can be. Instead, I have heard some of the most ridiculous excuses. These excuses has denied most of what they supposedly love. “Ninjutsu”.

I know first hand. There was a time in my youth, when I would make excuses for myself. Some kind of subliminal message of mixed priorities and beliefs. Wasn’t until I set myself free. My eyes open from what seemed like a psychic incarceration. Lots of hard and continuous work. Any discipline that would require self examination is more then enough to make a beginning of knocking down the belief of self righteousness. There is no need in holding ourselves as being too important. People who are glutton for power often desire to be important. Martial arts has no place for such. Those who stumble upon this matrix, often struggle within before knowing.

Budo, or Ninpo is not about techniques, fancy moves, or who’s better. In my opinion and belief. It’s about  human behavior. The psyche and body ought to be consider the beginning. Children have this innate knowing which is expressed when playing.. As adults we have to unlearn what we have learned. The approach I take with the members who trains at my school (whether it be Budo taijutsu, or Systema), is of a holistic approach of various influenced philosophies.

Recently the training mainly has been focused on the principles of Juppo Sessho. Hatsumi sensei has said that Juppo Sessho exist in every martial art. Takes a long time to reach a level of awareness to explore JS  while bypassing everything you know.

Off topic with regards to Budo Taijutsu in Hungary. I’m fully aware there are other styles, or for lack of a better word, interpretations. Certainly a great thing for people to see different approaches. In Hungary I’m well aware of the economy situation. In fact every country has economy problems. What country don’t?

Since moving to Hungary and teaching full-time. One important principle I learned. That is responsibility. Too many people make excuses for themselves. The mindset represents post hardship, which I don’t know if its enough to get people out from the past and change… Democracy of thinking is the solution. Difference is not a bad thing. In fact it could be liberating.



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