Martial Artist or Hobbyist

Martial Artist or Hobbyist

Buyu – Dear friends,

It’s been not to long since my last entry. I will try to come back more often. Back in 2004 I started a blog that was up for a number of years. It’s since been taken offline. One may find it somewhere, as with most material on the net. Being it was generally martial arts related, and quite good. I’ve decided to put most of the content in a book format. It’s available.

What does hobbyist, or hobby mean: An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

Normally when I come back to New York, I organize a training weekend. This past weekend was no exception. I’ve been hanging in gotham for 3 months now. Held a few trainings around town. Nothing major, just a few classes showing some concepts and ideas I learnt abroad. Social media is the place to get the word out. In fact its the platform for any activity advertised. It’s better than picking up the phone and calling people. 90% of invited friends either had something come up, or never showed. They either were not interested, or feel they can’t learn anything from the instructor (I’m guilty of that as well – ego). Though I’m learning to thoughtfully consider seminars, and the content as well. If the topic I believe is not conducive to what I need for my movement at this stage, than I wouldn’t go. It may not be the time for me to pick up the information now, and maybe later. Its important to be able to distinguish what tools you want, and need.

The martial artist who trains with tight schedules and families are my inspiration and models to learn from, thus live. I cannot relate to people who make excuses. When I was working flexible schedules and times. Which gave me two different days off periodically, and not back to back days. Example one day would be Tuesday, and the other Thursday, etc. I made it a point to go at lest one day regularly, pretty much the same day when it didn’t change. There were many times I went back to back (both days off).

Presently, my passion is movement… A little martial arts (all styles), yoga, dancing, and hypnosis… I love to move and feel good and free.. Hate feeling obligated. Stay away from the shit like its a disease. Self talk can be the worse if it keeps you away from what you love. Imagine loving something and hardly taking the opportunity to experience it. Not good!


Don’t wait. The time will never be just right – Napolean Hill


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