Hatsumi Soke


During my recent visit to London to give a Ninjutsu seminar there, one of the students remarked that my techniques are always new and original. I replied that he was right, for I will not be teaching again what I taught in London. My techniques alway arise from the moment, are always different and fresh. This freshness is energy, life force. This is one of the most important things to understand in martial arts. So I always stay away from old techniques. And, as a device to prevent students from getting any fixed idea of how a particular technique should be, I avoid giving them time to memorize any technique. In this way, I’m trying to instill in them the essential flow from which an utterly unlimited range of fresh movements and new techniques springs forth, like miracles from a magic fountain”

Masaaki Hatsumi – The Grandmasters Book of Ninja Training.

Many practitioners possesses these philosophies, and qualities. Many don’t. Simple!!

It is your mission to seek these individuals out. A long time ago it was not easy to find them. If you were successful, then it became a matter of being accepted as a student. Unlike today. All you have to do is go to the nearest Ninjutsu school, pay your membership fees, and your a student. If your stuck on the assumption ‘To posses this knowledge’ you have to do what Hatsumi sensei done, or move like him. Then you have eluded a part of you that will continue to play hide and – seek.

I would suggest to go and either study with the Japanese masters, or make a pilgrimage to Japan for a few weeks, and glimpse the movement, behavior, and characteristics of these men. You will give yourself the ultimate gift.

Be wearily of those people who say ‘This is what Hatsumi does, mean or worst, in order to move like Soke, train with me’ . Run fast and far away.

These people have the wisdom to preach, and lure your into what they believe is the only truth. Which in their reality, such is the case.


There are no shortcuts. Unfortunately!



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