Beginner Runner

Hey everyone!

Beginner runner is exactly what the title says. Yes, I ran back in 2002 for a few years. One rule of thumb never stop running. Even if traveling abroad. Make it a priority.

Now it’s 2017 and I feel again like a beginner runner. It’s been a few days and I am taking it easy by running half miles in increments. Breathing is so important for beginner runners.┬áThe last few runs has been difficult and feels like my lungs are on fire. I focus on three things. Back straight, bent knees and slow breathing.

Right now I am running shorter runs till my breathing minimizes the feeling I get in my lungs as if there burning. Other than that its fun and helps the body and mind.

Wear comfortable clothes, good runner shoes and a forerunner GPS to measure your distance. Start with small runs and slowly build your stamina for further distances. I know for a fact it takes conditioning and consistency to fall in love and benefit from running. My schedule is pretty flexible nowadays which gives me time to run as often as I need too. As a self defense instructor running is a perfect complimentary for my overall health and wellness.