Kasumi no Ho – Principles & Concepts

Kasumi no ho – Principles & Concepts. 

This video footage was recorded live during one of our mandatory curriculum classes. Hicho no kata from the  koshi sanpo gata. Though most of the basic technique footage was captured on another download. Perhaps to be edited at a later date.

Ninpo Taijutsu at our school – Koteki Dojo Hungary. Focuses on 2 major aspects.

1 – Technical (base application / technique)

2 – Psychology (The mental, emotional, and pysche stress workload)

Every year in the Bujinkan. A theme is given for everyone to practice, and perhaps develop their skill set. This is why in our classes, we use a particular theme as a platform. This class structure was set around Juppo Sessho, and Kasumi no ho.

Kasumi no Ho (no Sekai) is an evolution from what I have studied in the past.