e-Book – Koteki Dojo Manual


This ebook will teach you step-by-step how to go from beginner to blackbelt if your training with a qualified Bujinkan budo taijutsu instructor. The ebook is designed to give you the fundamentals where you can incorporate the material into your methodology.

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The manual is loaded with material that was taken from the Bujinkan Ten Chi Jin. Which could be used for any Bujinkan Dojo or Club  curriculum. Beginners and advance students can benefit.

While there is no set syllabus for the entire Bujinkan organization, instructors generally work off the instructor’s manual known as the Ten Chi Jin Ryaku No Maki (“Scrolls of the strategies of Sky Earth and Man” or TCJ), published in circa 1978.

I make a point to take a technique or two and train with a partner and communicate the principles, concepts and what is learnt from inside the body, mind and psyche by doing so……….


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