Hey everyone!

I’d like to apologize for a lack of consistency with regards to updating our blog. Presently I’m responsible for managing the entire affairs of Koteki Dojo International. Not easy to say the lest.

I’ve since revised the youtube channel. There is a combination of content; Budo taijutsu and Systema (Russian martial art) uploaded. The two arts has a profound similarity of principles. Why I have incorporated the two into my life and movement. I’m a firm believer the ninja was not only skilled in the Japanese arts but other influences as well.

There were a period when a few instructors in New York would collaborated. Also I believe NY – that is the city had the most dojos in any given city or state nationally. Unfortunately a lot has changed. People are not as open-minded in general as we (society) could be. I think it goes deeper than the obvious. An individual issue. Our motto at  our women’s bootcamp is “Know Thyself”. First and foremost its imperative that people learn how to collaborate and get along for success. One of the disadvantages I believe lies in most Bujinkan circles. It’s an ancient and dominate art (lack of women) that I believe contributes to the problem.

When I lived in Europe (Budapest) there were a number of local dojos and everyone seemed a bit distance from each other. That was strange for me being a foreigner and all. So happen while teaching in Budapest, I was accused twice by two separate instructors of trying to steal their students which was far from the truth. I didn’t take it personally, though it was out of character for any instructor in the Bujinkan to behave that way. Unfortunately at the time the two instructors mentioned were not licensed from the Bujinkan to teach nor either of them ever visited Japan to train. Leadership in Hungary is absurd with regards to budo taijutsu training. The majority of the instructors were insecure and lacked the fundamentals. I believe this what made collaboration nearly impossible. For the most part they (students) were awfully loyal to the point where they didn’t investigate for themselves the art budo taijutsu.

What does this all have to do with collaboration?

I believe before you can work with someone else that may or may not be your competition (business) its imperative that you know yourself. In Systema when you see Vladimir and Mikhail working together its a collaboration. Though the two oversee’s two separate HQs. I’m not saying in budo taijutsu it is not the case. Because in budo taijutsu many buyu work together.

To collaborate its imperative to set aside differences and work together. A group of minds is ALWAYS better the one.

I personally believe instructors should make it a point regularly to train with other instructors or practitioners (budo taijutsu) of higher if not equal dan grades. Also when the opportunity presents itself, train with other people from different styles as well. However you have to be clear on the objective. If its a situation of which art is better, who is a better practitioner or stronger. Than you ought not collaborate.

Opportunities multiply as they are seized” – Sun Tzu