Bujinkan Koteki Dojo Training Manual


The Manual is user friendly. A Teachers guide to grading their students.
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Download The Official Bujinkan Koteki Dojo Training Manual!


Practical and Fundamental Training Guide!

In this Manual, I specifically presented each Kyu grade, to Shodan level:

– Clear and Interactive program.

– Step-by-step progression from 9th kyu to Shodan.

– Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki.

– Weapon Familiarization Training & Applications

52 pages containing material from 9th Kyu to Shodan. Suitable for any dojo.

Added Bonus:

The manual is available in book format for purchase.  It can be customizable to include your dojo’s name, and logo.

Choose any color for your cover. Along with pictures, and text.

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