Terror – 1. Intense, overpowering fear (The Free Dictionary). 

The duality of terror though the word seems harsh and callous. Unfortunately terror exists in our culture as others. The one or group who acts in terror and hurt people are driven by their beliefs and actions. Although they commit these horrible acts of terror, they too are full of fear.

Those who terrorizes people, places and society, mentally are incapable of relating to compassion and disregards humanity and life. Their actions are not on the same plane as those who labor and lives to improve the quality of life and evolution.

I believe our purpose for humanity is to sustain all life and our planet. There are many ways terror exists in our society. Though the media broadcasts the worst of terror that instigates where people and groups continue acts of violence. Such hideous behavior will continue to the so-called ‘good guys’ stop.

Martial arts and self defense training can help. The majority of people don’t act till something terrible happens either to them or hits home where an alarming mechanism goes off inside of them that most of are familiar with an overwhelming and overpowering calamity of fear. The media broadcasts footage of people suffering to those responsible. What other way to get exposure?


Aggressive Fighting

One word

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year 2017! I sure hope everyone had amazing holiday season filled with laughter, love and warm memories with family. Now it’s time to get busy. Now in the 2nd week of Jan 2017 no excuses but hard work and increasing income and most importantly your skills, whether it be self defense training, sports, mma, work, sales, etc. The point is to set your goal and get with it!

I have been working more than training the last year or so. Have to admit I miss the 4 to 5 days of training weekly. The advantage is dedicating more time into working and increasing my income. It doesn’t mean making a lot of money but conditioning the mind to focus on the objective. Wealth has different meaning to everyone. For me its a combination of multiple definitions. My goal is to condition the mind and delete old beliefs that no longer serve any purpose nor make any sense.  Believe it or not this is aggressive training in one sense. On the other hand there is the martial arts training. As I get older and grow into what I love to do, my passion for movement and self defense I find less practicality in developing skill for intended purposes of fighting a waste of my time. Mainly because as you older its hard not to realize how necessary it is to limit wasting unnecessary energy on activities the yields no long term growth. Keep this in mind the harder you train and spar, fight or whatever you do tears the body, mind and psyche down. Strain that is irreversible. That’s the physical part, what about the mind and emotional components. Another blog in of itself!


“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” – Sun tzu


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Hi all,

It’s way to long. I’ve been over at Koteki Dojo’s sister site – The Stealth Method.  So much going on these days. What you get here, you can get there. So in essence you really don’t miss anything, but that what you miss…

Life is about adapting and going with change and flow. It’s import to continuously empower yourself. Presently I’m working on two specific programs. One of them is a Women’s tactical self defense bootcamp…. I call it BootCampX which is a compilation of a few disciplines and self help protocols. So in other words, you take part in our 10 class program, you get to learn and develop numerous skill sets of tools to be successful in life. The beauty is the tactical training. No matter if your strong, or weak, big or small the tactics skills you learn teaches you how to move with hardly any effort or power. The moves are golden, and the outcome is incredible.

The other program I mentioned is a rare bout awesome opportunity. Doesn’t have to be for you, it could be a referral situation for someone you love. What I’m offering for a limited time is a proven method for quitting smoking with hypnosis – self hypnosis. You may object to the idea of being hypnosis. However I can assure you its smooth and easy. You do it all the time. For some reason most people aren’t aware there hypnotized.

Here’s an example. Say you drive to and from work every day – 5 days a week. Either way to or from – you pass a landmark (familiar place / gas station, church, etc) and one day you arrive to your door step or work place and can’t remember passing either landmark.. You were actually hypnotized. It’s called highway hypnosis…. You get the idea!

The smoking cessation program is going to be offered to two people for a full session (valued at $250) for free. There is a screening process though. I would send you a questionnaire consisting of four questions. Thats it!

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Insight of a Warrior


Greetings Buyu,

My intention is to share an insight with you all I wrote a number of years back during a trip to Japan. It’s a good read. Perhaps a lesson to be learnt!

Up until yesterday, before visiting Japan, I had a belief that was not mines originally but of a greater awareness. This awareness came to me recently. The study of budo taijutsu entails more then the average system of martial arts. Although budo taijutsu by definition is a martial art. Each and every one of us makes decisions based on our individual needs. These needs are manifestations of unconscious awareness. Cultivating the components (body, mind & spirit) is essential to nature. Sometimes I wonder if I was chosen like many of us, to live an existence in harmony as our ancestors (ninja) once lived.

The theme for the year is Kihon Happo – Year of the Rabbit. .

The focuses of training are on how to unbalance while moving and deceptively confusing the mind of your opponent. So far I’ve seen various interpretations of the TCJ and Kihon Happo. I would imagine if you go to all the shihan classes and all are teaching some aspect of the basics, it’s possible to learn an in depth level of budo.  For the past 2 years basically I studied the TCJ from Noguchi sensei. The training has shown me many lessons. Prior before my last trip, I was lost from lack of a foundation (basics). Noguchi sensei last class, he taught some elements of the TCJ that was familiar to me, yet they evolved. Shirishi sensei told me yesterday that the kihon happo is always evolving. Like a flower evolves.

A couple of years ago I decided to train with Noguchi sensei mainly because his movement and teaching I felt made sense to me. A couple of years ago when Noguchi sensei taught a basic class do to my request

Women’s Self Defense Bootcamp


Have a New Year’s resolution?

This is the time, though it may be late, in any case this is the time to set resolutions. What are resolutions?  A firm decision to do something. It’s not easy committing to a plan. The way to do it is know what is needed as for change, and how it would impact your life in a positive way. 

Starting January 5th 2016 we’re holding our first Women’s Self Defense Bootcamp. Which will be held in Forest Hills, Queens NY.

10 fun and exciting classes. Meeting people like yourself. Perhaps with similar goals. Originally 8 was planned, and we decided to add two extra classes. They will consist of exercises, drills and self defense workloads. By the completion of bootcamp you will have a thorough understanding of the principles and fundamentals. You would have developed the needed kinesiology awareness most if not all martial artist acquires over a repetitious span of time. 

To the count down begins. 10 days before the first class. Book your spot soon as possible. You can either register at the center, or through our sister website at: www.systemaprimal.com

This is going to be a must not miss opportunity. These events are fun, innovative, adaptive and most importantly, from my experience is the camaraderie among the participants.


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” – Seneca


Growing up in the Bujinkan.

I’ve been around for a couple of years. Literally, its been a lot of years. The Bujinkan is one of the best organizations in the world. Not to forget to mention the martial art system. Much has changed after the millennium(2000).

The Bujinkan from what I understand is the biggest martial arts organization in the world. I don’t believe Masaaki Hatsumi (Present day Soke), imagine his organization would take off as it did in the world. What was once the image of secrecy, and ninjutsu. Today is known in just about every martial art style in the world. Perhaps it was never meant to be a martial art, as it is known today. It may have meant more to those families, and grandmasters then what many of us believe. It was kept quiet, and in the shadows (per-say). By the mid to late 20th century, that changed. Probably a hand full of foreigners arrived in Japan around the 1900s looking for the ninja. Hard to keep a tangible phenomenal a secret in the western world. All it took was a few books on the topic to pop up. Speculation, mixed with curiousity, brought the seeker filled with courage to the door of the Bujinkan present day Soke.


This widespread of interest may have been the turning point. Back in the 80s, the majority of people didn’t have a few thousand of dollars to journey to Japan. Stephen Hayes mainly is the one responsible for the widespread of ninjutsu. There were others, few and far between.

Rank (grades) seems to be an unfortunate nowadays. Many have the means to travel to Japan these days. When I was in Japan last.  I was in the right place, at the right time. It was the class of a Japanese shihan. During the tea break, he spoke about the early days of training. He said how training has changed, and the behavior of many young practitioners journeying to japan to train with the last Ninja Master. That was seriously the pivotal point in my life. Growing up was eminent. The desire for advancement was no longer a priority. Nowadays, people promote others easily in exchange for being invited to do seminars. This in turn affords  trips to Japan. Rank in the west seems to be far more important then character, and leadership quality. The standards has swindled. Imagine being a 10th to 15th degree, and between the ages of 20 to 35 years of age. The license itself has more character, and leadership quality, then the holder. Not to be negative. However, experience is not a factor. Experience in life not only in martial arts, requires time, dedication, knowing oneself, compassion, humility, etc. Deprivation of growth does injustice!

“The world needs demonstration more than it needs teaching” – Wallace D. Wattles

This particular Japanese shihan said people travel to Japan to learn how to mimic Hatsumi sensei, never to realize what he went through to discover himself. I would like to share something I read the other day.

This guy was offering a service. The service only took about 3 minutes. However, he charged a heft sum for his service (1000s of dollars). The guy who needed the service, asked.

” Why is your service expensive for 3 minutes”. The answer: “It took me 30 plus years to learn this service, and do it in 3 minutes”.

The point to the story is clear. It takes many years to develop skill sets, and tools. There is no other way. Even for the gifted pupils.

Was speaking to a fellow buyu the other day, via messaging. I mentioned how great it was to see change happening among those who were concern with a particular event. Especially the instructor teaching at this event. My friend response first was the credentials of the instructor. And how many years he has been training, and learning. Was great to hear!

The majority of young instructors, is more interested in rank, and how many trips to japan then experience. Experience cannot be acquired by journeying somewhere. Yes, its part of the process. Experience transform into wisdom via time. Trial and error!

Hopefully this will change one day. Maybe not. Only nature knows!



Yesterday training was on point. Though the group was small. Much more useful information was expounded upon. Usually when the class is big, and a few people have questions, time flies.

The day prior before the workshop. I spent most of my time, looking over notes, and outlines of what to cover. However it turned out differently. Some of the significant topics were discovered through the training.



Fudo Myo-o – known as Acala in Sanskrit means – immovable one. The knowledge of fudo- myoo is broad, and intense. As in the Bujinkan. An umbrella of nine historical martial art schools. Fudo Myo-o, as I conveyed, the umbrella of Zanshin, Mushin, and Fudoshin. Through these principles, we embodied the practicality of martial tactics, strategy and fighting. The irony of what I’m saying. Really has nothing to do with fighting, per-say. In the context of the general meaning of fighting, the methodical system for which I taught, gives the seeker/s tools to further develop their skill. Kyojitsu also expressed itself through the movement of each practitioner, as they realized within themselves, the illusion of the fight originating outside of themselves.

The fight is actually over, once the realization is discovered. The point of the drills, and exercises yesterday, was to help each one of us, become familiar with our weaknesses, frustrations, irritations, fears, and self pity. Once these tents of character becomes evident as a result of partnership work, the student can pass through the delusion of self will. Thereby resist the temptation to work externally.

Acala – can interpret also as the destroyer of delusion.

Lots of time were spent on footwork (ashi sabaki), and moving the whole body (taijutsu). As simple as it may be. These concepts are not easy. Especially if your training from the perspective of techniques. To establish a connection with Zanshin, we reviewed some of the essential applications of the Kihon Happo. Because everyone was familiar with the KH. The principles were the default template (memory, conscious, etc). Once passed through, we started working with drills to develop continuous movement. Two fold, as I called it. One, helped us to remain calm (zanshin), and showed how thinking obstructs can obstruct movement. So to avoid the stop and go habit. We continuously moved around for 3 minutes apiece. This lead to mushin. Less thought was needed to move, and escape. Finally to conclude the training, we started to work with the knife. There were various exercises introduced for this particular stress workload. The psychology aspect of Ninpo. I’m not going to get into our knife work experience. I’d say this much… Everyone showed major improvement towards the end of day. At the beginning, I mentioned how we all will go from one point at the beginning, to another by the end of the day. Sure enough, everyone movement transcended.

More then likely, there will be a continuation. Part 2 – if you will.


To host a seminar, or better. To request a private class, email our office at: kotekidojo@gmail.com

Pillars of Budo & Ninpo Taijutsu

Dear Members and Friends, It’s incredibly good to be back in New York visiting. Last evening was no exception. We held our first of what may turn out to be a series of trainings in Gotham.

Initially we were going to review some kihon from the Ten Chi Jin. However it was necessary. Personally, I felt it was a case of time, and number of people that determined the direction to go. We mainly focused on breathing, posture, and continuous movement. Some of the more important details lies on the fact of self awareness. Too many times the focus  is on external situations, that restricts our very intent. In order to surpass this continuous cycle, is to study human behavior, by way of being self aware.


The pillars are:

1) Zanshin

2) Mushin

3) Fudoshin

It’s important to absorb the fundamentals of budo taijutsu, and the study of man. The primitive man biologically speaking, possesses the survival mechanism (program). Body memory, nor instinct was our main focus. Rather teach the body to solve its own problem by way of nature. It’s natural for the body to instinctually activate its alarming system. By way of properly breathing, and moving the goal will then be to equalize the nervous system, while normalizing your blood pressure. The core exercises are to strengthen ones tendons, and ligaments. All the exercises goes way beyond the idea of muscle strengthening, etc.

The training day will focus mainly on the mental, emotional, and psyche. How to regulate these collective attributes of the human system. Meanwhile, much emphasis will focus on the fighting aspect, as well as the health of the particular methodical approach.