Koteki Dojo was founded in New York, USA by Anthony Lucas in 2002. 
Currently Anthony is a 10th dan Budo Taijutsu Shihan, he is the teacher and leader of the dojo.

About Anthony Lucas

Koteki Dojo Hungary established in Budapest in September 2012.

In the Koteki Dojo Hungary, Ninjutsu is pursued in a holistic method of personal development. The way of the Ninja becomes a way of life. Unlike the medias portrayal of the “Black robed assassin” the historical Ninja (or Shinobi) was in truth a fully actualized human being. Their skills made them impeccable defenders of themselves, their families, and homes.

Students encouraged to discover their personal limitations, fears, and barriers. This is the beginning of the transformational process, which will shape and empower their fudoshin (Immoveable heart).  Our training hall is set in a semi nontraditional but enjoyable atmosphere designed to cultivate real world martial skill.

Students begin with foundational Taijutsu (effective body movement) and Taihenjutsu (body skills) that teach effective movements in possible combat situations. NInjutsu consists of specialized punching, kicking, and striking methods. Grappling, pressure holds and locks are also utilized as well as throws, chokes, and many other martial applications.

We train in many basic, modern and traditional weapons. Weapon training is learned as a result of skillful Taijutsu where the weapon becomes a fluid extension of the wielder.

A realistic approach to handling real world conflict coupled with a rich historic tradition allows each student to asses a personal sense of power and success.

Anthony have decided to call the style Ninpo Taijutsu (Same as Budo Taijtusu). In Ninpo Taijutsu, through Taihenjutsu one can disappear, avoid, or escape; those who think that the act of escaping is cowardly for a warrior should first come to appreciate escaping as one of the important Taijutsu strategies.